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Title Black Widow: An Unbridled Catastrophe
Duration 17:47
Size 24.42 MB
Audio mp3, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16p, 128 kb/s
Source YouTube
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From a golden age to a golden shower of storytelling, say hello to the fourth phase of the MCU!

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0:00:00 - Welcome to Phase Four!

0:06:49 - Ohio 1995

0:12:47 - Natasha evades Ross | Morocco

0:20:03 - Task Master attacks Natasha

0:26:04 - The Budapest safehouse | Escaping the Red Room assassins

0:54:02 - Natasha reveals her history | Planning the next move

1:01:58 - Breaking Alexei out of prison | The moral spiral of the MCU

1:13:07 - The history of super soldiers and Alexei in the MCU

1:15:03 - Visiting Milena and reuniting the family

1:19:49 - The history of Hydra/Soviet mind control

1:23:50 - The family discuss their history/issues

1:27:23 - The family are captured by Dreykov and the third act begins

1:32:58 - The third act continues... Task Mistress is revealed

1:42:00 - The cinematic event that made all the men squeam

1:45:20 - Milena's plans and detonating the engines

1:49:16 - Natasha vs. the Black Widows with Yelena to the rescue

1:51:58 - Welcome to the clown singularity

2:02:04 - Natasha vs. Task Master and the happily ever after...

2:09:17 - Conclusion - World building

2:21:32 - Conclusion - Thematic through lines

2:27:09 - Conclusion - Flow, tone and the male gaze

2:34:55 - Conclusion - Plot

2:43:02 - Conclusion - Character - Dreykov, Task Master and Mason

2:48:33 - Conclusion - Character - Milena and Alexei

3:02:06 - Conclusion - Character - Yelena

3:14:15 - Conclusion - Character - Natasha's combat expertise and intelligence

3:19:32 - A video essay within a video essay: One marvellous scene

3:37:03 - Conclusion - Character - Natasha's values

3:45:32 - Why did they assassinate Natasha? (and so many others)

3:53:43 - The lost potential

3:58:35 - Conclusion - Choreography, compositing, CGI, editing, soundtrack and subtitles

4:01:45 - Conclusion - What's been lost and why

4:11:04 - Thank you so much for watching - PLUSHIES!

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