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Title Toy Story 4 Benson Clones Himself (Sneaky)! Fun Squad VS 100 Benson Toys!
Duration 12:16
Size 16.85 MB
Audio mp3, 44100 Hz, stereo, s16p, 128 kb/s
Source YouTube
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Toy Story 4 Benson Clones Himself (Sneaky)! Fun Squad VS 100 Benson Toys!
Benson sneaks in as Jack is having fun creating his awesome cloning machine. Benson is back and once again, he is after the Toy Story 4 toys and he is as sneaky as a ninja! Jack is making lots of copies of his Nerf darts to prepare for another amazing showdown with Benson if he ever returns. Kaden comes in and sees Jack’s amazing invention. Benson has returned and he wants to take all of the Toy Story 4 toys like the Toy Story sheriff, Forky, Duke Caboom, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, Bo Peep, Ducky and Bunny. The kids love the Toy Story movies and they all love their Toy Story toys, so they are always ready to face the sneaky Benson and defend their toys. Benson has taken his orders from Gabby Gabby and is back to get the toys.
Jazzy sneaks in and gets all of the Nerf darts wet and the mysteriously disappear! Where did they go? The Fun Squad has a new mystery to solve, but first they have to do their chores. Benson sneaks into the cloning machine, like a sneaky ninja and clones himself. Now there are hundreds of Benson toys! The Fun Squad kids are busy doing their jobs, but one by one, all of the Toy Story toys start disappearing. Forky disappears, then Buzz Lightyear, then Jessie and then Bunny and Ducky. There are so many Bensons all around the house, they all team up and find Bo Peep, Duke Caboom and the Toy Story sheriff toy also! Jack, Kaden and Jazzy (the kids from Kids Fun TV) all embark on an ultimate plan to solve the mystery of the missing Toy Story 4 toys and plan to defeat the hundreds of Bensons that have appeared.
Gabby Gabby doesn’t show up, but we all know she is probably the one that sent all of the ninja Benson toys after the Toy Story toys. The Fun Squad love to have family fun with these awesome adventures. In this fun pretend play video for kids, the Kids Fun TV kids have fun luring the hundreds of Benson toys into one final epic battle with their Nerf super soaker blasters! Will the Fun Squad solve the mystery and find all of the Toy Story toys? Will the kids defeat all of the Bensons that have cloned themselves and taken over the kids house and yard? The kids put their heads together and plan out the ultimate ending that you won’t want to miss! Jazzy has an amazing plan to defeat all of the Bensons in an epic ending. Kaden has a fun plan to keep the Bensons busy while Jazzy is preparing her ultimate plan. Jack has his own tricks up his sleeve to lure the Bensons with their fun RC car toy with Jessie and Buzz Lightyear attached for a fun ride.
Be sure to go and watch the Toy Story 4 movie! All of the family of Kids Fun TV (The Fun Squad) has loved all of the Toy Story movies.

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